Saturday, March 24, 2007


This next very dope record from polecat was released on ruckus records. There are no credits about the year, but it should be around '95 / '96... check it out!


Anonymous said...

the rip didnt work man
can you upload
thanks dope y blog

Anonymous said...

I was looking for this polecat 12' but link doesnt work
Could you fix it?

Anonymous said...

ok forget it

s'n's said...

sorry for that, now it works!


lordquaz said...

dope blog man,
this record is not the one & only record by this cat, he dropped the B side on a street poet's 12' with the title "out ta flip" on 1995.
peace, i support u

s'n's said...

yo, lordquaz, thx for the info and for the support!! your blog is dope too! for real..
will add you to our link list!

HokiDoki2 said...

I did not know your blog he's cool good continuation

Fab said...

I got a spare of the Street Poets "Mindless" b/w "Out Ta Flip" 12". Boston madness! Hit me up with trades at info(at)schwarzgold(dot)ch

Anonymous said...

yo thanks for the track
and your blog is dope!

Anonymous said...

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