Wednesday, November 7, 2007

108 Dragons / Creative Brothers

Watsup fellas,
today's post is a stupid ill record outta '99 on Creative Brothers INC. The crew is called 108 Dragons and comes outta New Jersey. It contains 4 tracks, all produced by DJ Born. Well, all we can say is thats this record is damn dope, so check it. Infos appreciated as usual.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Aight, it's time for a new post..
This is the T-Love 12" single of the track "I'm Comin" as taken from the "Return Of The B-Girl EP". On the flipside you'll find a bonus track called "Knobody Knows My Name Revisited" which is not on the EP...both tracks produced by "This Kid Named Miles"..outcoming was '98 on Pickinny recordings. For more infos check this out.
The b-sider is the shit right here..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mix 2

another mix for ya folks out there..
20mins dope hiphop, check it.


Monday, September 3, 2007

Get It Together


We're back wit a dope independent record..It's about G.I.T. aka Get It Together from Shaolin NewYork.. All we know is that the record was released on their own label Get It Together Records in 1998 and is produced by them self .. So if you got some more infos we appreciate that...The record has one track on it and its called The Warning featuring Street on the runout we finish this post wit the words: "strictly underground use" get it folks!!


Get It Together - The Warning

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Smif N Wessun

Ok, today we bring you a withe label by the famous Bootcamp soldiers Smif N Wessun, the track is called "nothin' move but tha money", produced by Da Beatminerz. Check it out..


Smif N Wessun - Nuthin' move but the money

Thursday, July 26, 2007

4th Quarter

Whutsup fellas?
Todays post is the 4th Quarter - "C Note and Grants" 12". We don't know nothing 'bout these cats, but this piece of wax is just dope! It was released back in '96 on 4x4 records (who also released One Strength, BSB..) Ok peeps, time to sit back and relax your mind with this joint..aight!

Drop your knowledge!


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Ait, maybe you saw the 15 mins mix on Akutt's blog, we ( also did a mix for this local compilation (yo smooth, get this cd ready man..hehe). The mix during 20 mins and contains some classics and indies..peace

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Natural Elements

Whatsup peeps, we're back in the shizzle. Hope ya dont lost your hope for a new update! Ok, here we serve you some Natural Elements Flava. Natural E was Mr. Voodoo, L-Swift, KA, G-Blass, Howie Smalls and the InTimidator. By 1995, however, membership slimmed to include only Mr. Voodoo, L-Swift and the newly-added A-Butta. The NYC based crew released a lot of sick records since '94. We about to present you four of it, so check it out. For more infos about Natural E check 'em out on myspace.

Natural Elements - Bust Mine b/w Paper Chase
produced by Charlemagne
Dolo Records, '97

2 Face(A-Butta & L-Swift) - NYC b/w Hey Hey Hey
produced by The Creators
Blind-Side Records, '96

L-Swift - How Itz Goin Down b/w Check Da Style & How Itz Goin Down (remix)

produced by Charlemagne
Fortress Records, '95

Mr. Voodoo - Lyrical Tactics & Shine b/w Hemlock
produced by Charlemagne
Fortress Records, '96

Natural Elements

Saturday, June 23, 2007

crashed up

Ok, onceagain we got tha say sorry for the rare updates, but the reason for that is simply: our computer we used to record the music from the wax is crashed up! So here we serve you a little mix til the shit works..
Tracklist should not be hard to find out..

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mischievous LQ

As we go on with a god daamn dope 12" from The Mischievous LQ And The Mad Mischief Crew. To our knowledge this was their first but also last release they ever done, dropped in '96 on King Poets Records. There are no production credits, but the beats are sick to the fullest! A real jewel right here, don't sleep on this one!

Mischievous LQ - Mischief Night 12"


Aighten, we got two 12" to present to you by Meaner. First one is "Real Rap Song" Peter Panic Mix outta '96, dropped on Loose Cannon. The second is the "Winners & Losers" 12" with "A Thru Z" on the flipside, produced by Clark Kent and Ezo Brown. Don't know the year, but our guess is '98/'99. This one was dropped on Sure Shot Recordings.

"A Thru Z" and "Real Rap Song" is our winners.

Check it..

Meaner - "Real Rap Song"

Meaner - "Winners & Losers"


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Second post is the very slept on "Rhyme Impotence" 12" by the Baltimore cats Fla-Fla and S.O. rather known as Sparrow The Movement. This was their first release outta '95 on Unruly Records. Inclueded tracks are "Rhyme Impotence", "Physics" and "Physics remix". The winner is definitly Rhyme Impotence. Indieclassic that is in heavy rotation on our ones and twos! also check 'em out on myspace!
(thx akutt)

Sparrow - Rhyme Impotence


Ok, its time to rip some new ish. We got two updates for today, the first one goes by J-Force. To our knowledge he released two 12" on J-Force Entertainment. There are no credits 'bout the year but it sounds like '95/'96 ish. Production, cuts and raps were all done by J-Force himself!! Nuff said, just enjoy thiz shiat!
J-Force - Bull's Eye 12"

J-Force - For All Thoze 12"


Monday, May 7, 2007

Major Stress

whutsup peeps,

next one is the Major Stress release outta '95. This 12" was released on norfside records and features the two tracks "More And More" and "A Day In Da Stuy". Both tracks are crazy hot and were produced by Salaam Gibbs better known as Salaam Remi..

Major Stress put out 2 other records in '97 called "Smokin & Fuckin" / "1-2 Trees", but this one right here is definitly the winner!

feel this..

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Break A Dawn

First of all, sorry for the rare updates in the past! Anyway, today we raise up with a few nice mid 90ies indies..
We're talkin' bout Break A Dawn releases by Ten Thieves and Mop Top. Also we got a record by a group called El Battalion dropped on Mop Top Productions.
On all 4 records the production credits are going to Buddha Stretch.
pure listening pleasure, check it..

Ten Thieves - It don't Matter 12"

Ten Thieves - Straight From The Slums 12"

Mop Top - Forever (Verbal Assault) 12"

El Battalion - Ghetto Heaven 12"

Break A Dawn

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bee Why

"Reality" is our next joint to present to you. Bee Why dropped this jewel in '97 on Wolfpak Entertainment. As far as we know it was his second release (after "The Boros" and before "G.A.T.S."). Once again Gee The Nutty Professor (Ayatollah) produced this dope piece! (There is another 12" of "Reality" out there with "Remember The Times" on the flipside)..

well, enjoy and drop your knowledge


Bee Why - Reality

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Tru Comers - The Remix Project

Special update today!! Me and my homie aka the tru comers produced some indy/underground'll find the 8 remixes plus instrumentals here...
feedbacks appreciated!

enjoy thiz shiaat!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Red Hot Lover Tone

Todays Post is another testpress from red hot lover tone out brooklyn. on the a-side we got "98"..on da flipside we got 2 other tracks. the first is called "4 my peeps" ft. MOP, Organized Konfusion and Biggie, the second one is called "take your time" ft. don baron..
we prefer the a-side banger track!!

check thizz out..

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I.G. Off & Hazadous

And we go on with a dope 12" by a bronx - queens collabo, we talkin' about I.G. Off & Hazadous. Featured tracks on this wax are "street serenade", "this ain't livin'" and "hip-hop till i die", all produced by the well known dj spinna...released in '97 on beyond real recordings..

Mass Vinyl Collectors Edition Vol. 1

Next one is the Mass Vinyl Collectors Edition Vol. 1 featuring the tracks: "money" - 8Trak & The Faculty produced by JayBiz; "weak minds" - Hi-Tech & J-Treads and "book of death" - 8Trak, The Hermit & Hi-Tech, both tracks produced by DJ Shok...very solid wax outta '96 thats definitly worth to dig!


Saturday, March 24, 2007


This next very dope record from polecat was released on ruckus records. There are no credits about the year, but it should be around '95 / '96... check it out!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Network Reps

Back again with another independent relaese from the group called "network reps". This dope wax was released in '98 on network entertainment with dj spinna and shawn j period production. B-side features l-fudge & mike zoot. Very dope mid90ies tracks outta nyc! enjoy...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Candy Store Productions

..sure most of you already know this one right here...the candy store feat. lifty & me'nage "memories" and on the flipside "escape from belize" feat. lifty & crimes..released on keep it movin' records in '97.. both tracks are damn nice!!

Candy Store Productions

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Back with another Test Press...Brooklyn-Queens EP released on Hydra Entertainment in '97..
feat. K.Fanat, Gab Gotcha, I.G. Off & Hazadous, Kamakazee, Godfather Don and Hostyle..All tracks are very dope in our opinion.. so, enjoy it!

Brooklyn-Queens EP

Sunday, March 4, 2007

N.O.N -Equation

Today we present to you another sick record from canada. The group goes by the name N.O.N -Equation. Tracks include "Hypoetix", "Transparent" and "N.O.N -Equation II". Released in '97 on blueprint records.
Feel this!


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Boulevard Connection

This dope wax was released on fondle 'em records. we cant tell you anything about the year of the release, but it should be around 97/98..the ep features tame 1, el da sensei, dj kaos, company flow, mc serch and promoe... enjoy it!

Boulevard Connection EP

Monday, February 26, 2007

Aint no Burna

..dope track that goes by the crew called street smartz! aint no burna, produced by Pass DAT ... released on tru criminal records in '96
solid wax, check it..

mental illness

here we go with another testpress from mental illness, track is called amazin's not playin'.

check it..

i don't give a fuck

yeah yeah, whats up folks..

first of all, welcome to this new blog. we know that a lot of blog sites exist these days , nevertheless we wanna post some nice indie hip-hop next days, months or whatever and we hope you keep on visiting our blogspot... but fuck talkin bullshit and lets get us straight to our first post! y'all know big kwam, this record right here is a test press of the track "i dont give a fuck" feat. l-swift and a-butta (mayhem rmx).

very nice wax! check it out..