Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Second post is the very slept on "Rhyme Impotence" 12" by the Baltimore cats Fla-Fla and S.O. rather known as Sparrow The Movement. This was their first release outta '95 on Unruly Records. Inclueded tracks are "Rhyme Impotence", "Physics" and "Physics remix". The winner is definitly Rhyme Impotence. Indieclassic that is in heavy rotation on our ones and twos! also check 'em out on myspace!
(thx akutt)

Sparrow - Rhyme Impotence


Ok, its time to rip some new ish. We got two updates for today, the first one goes by J-Force. To our knowledge he released two 12" on J-Force Entertainment. There are no credits 'bout the year but it sounds like '95/'96 ish. Production, cuts and raps were all done by J-Force himself!! Nuff said, just enjoy thiz shiat!
J-Force - Bull's Eye 12"

J-Force - For All Thoze 12"


Monday, May 7, 2007

Major Stress

whutsup peeps,

next one is the Major Stress release outta '95. This 12" was released on norfside records and features the two tracks "More And More" and "A Day In Da Stuy". Both tracks are crazy hot and were produced by Salaam Gibbs better known as Salaam Remi..

Major Stress put out 2 other records in '97 called "Smokin & Fuckin" / "1-2 Trees", but this one right here is definitly the winner!

feel this..

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Break A Dawn

First of all, sorry for the rare updates in the past! Anyway, today we raise up with a few nice mid 90ies indies..
We're talkin' bout Break A Dawn releases by Ten Thieves and Mop Top. Also we got a record by a group called El Battalion dropped on Mop Top Productions.
On all 4 records the production credits are going to Buddha Stretch.
pure listening pleasure, check it..

Ten Thieves - It don't Matter 12"

Ten Thieves - Straight From The Slums 12"

Mop Top - Forever (Verbal Assault) 12"

El Battalion - Ghetto Heaven 12"

Break A Dawn