Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Ok, its time to rip some new ish. We got two updates for today, the first one goes by J-Force. To our knowledge he released two 12" on J-Force Entertainment. There are no credits 'bout the year but it sounds like '95/'96 ish. Production, cuts and raps were all done by J-Force himself!! Nuff said, just enjoy thiz shiat!
J-Force - Bull's Eye 12"

J-Force - For All Thoze 12"



lordquaz said...

favorites too!!! damn good posts today, congratulations

nawledge said...

WORD... I've had Bull's Eye for a bit, but hadn't heard those other 2 Cuts. They're both Fresh... I was just curious, do you have the Instrumental anywhere for Bull's Eye?? I didn't see anything in the Pic about a possible Inst. on the Flip, just thought I'd ask. I've been searchin for that Instrumental for a while now. Anyway, Thanks For the Posts... Peace.

Dabrovska said...

Yes superbe maxi ! Merci à toi l'ami

Anonymous said...

..Chance for a re-up?