Saturday, July 7, 2007

Natural Elements

Whatsup peeps, we're back in the shizzle. Hope ya dont lost your hope for a new update! Ok, here we serve you some Natural Elements Flava. Natural E was Mr. Voodoo, L-Swift, KA, G-Blass, Howie Smalls and the InTimidator. By 1995, however, membership slimmed to include only Mr. Voodoo, L-Swift and the newly-added A-Butta. The NYC based crew released a lot of sick records since '94. We about to present you four of it, so check it out. For more infos about Natural E check 'em out on myspace.

Natural Elements - Bust Mine b/w Paper Chase
produced by Charlemagne
Dolo Records, '97

2 Face(A-Butta & L-Swift) - NYC b/w Hey Hey Hey
produced by The Creators
Blind-Side Records, '96

L-Swift - How Itz Goin Down b/w Check Da Style & How Itz Goin Down (remix)

produced by Charlemagne
Fortress Records, '95

Mr. Voodoo - Lyrical Tactics & Shine b/w Hemlock
produced by Charlemagne
Fortress Records, '96

Natural Elements


qnzgrimiest said...

those are all classic records but do u have mr voodoos first solo 12 inch come off hard i heard the remix but not the original if u can can u post that, good looks

SP said...

NE is Definately one of the greatest, yet most slept on groups ever.

If a DJ don't know about NE he aint a real Hiphop DJ

Ace said...

Dope post, thanks!