Saturday, October 27, 2007


Aight, it's time for a new post..
This is the T-Love 12" single of the track "I'm Comin" as taken from the "Return Of The B-Girl EP". On the flipside you'll find a bonus track called "Knobody Knows My Name Revisited" which is not on the EP...both tracks produced by "This Kid Named Miles"..outcoming was '98 on Pickinny recordings. For more infos check this out.
The b-sider is the shit right here..


Anonymous said...

Hello, have you posted the (Vocal) or the ((Freak-Da-Mental Bi-Coastal Mix) for the track "Nobody Knows My Name Revisited" ? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Same thing for "I'm Comin'" : it's the (Vocal) or the (Clean) you have posted ? Thanks.

s'n's said...

vocal for both

Anonymous said...