Wednesday, November 7, 2007

108 Dragons / Creative Brothers

Watsup fellas,
today's post is a stupid ill record outta '99 on Creative Brothers INC. The crew is called 108 Dragons and comes outta New Jersey. It contains 4 tracks, all produced by DJ Born. Well, all we can say is thats this record is damn dope, so check it. Infos appreciated as usual.


CresceNet said...

Gostei muito desse post e seu blog é muito interessante, vou passar por aqui sempre =) Depois dá uma passada lá no meu site, que é sobre o CresceNet, espero que goste. O endereço dele é . Um abraço.

Jaz said...

Ill...thank you very much

Style said...

wicked stuff guys never herd this before.


Dabrovska said...

S.A.L. and The Legendary Villains were produced by Creative Brothers! The Legendary Villains will be posted shortly on Wax Attack, but would you have the SAL ? Thanks

qnzgrimiest said...

jersey definetely has talented cats, i love the beats in hear its real grimy